When to visit Volcanoes National park

Travelers can go gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park at any time of the year, but it would be best if you considered the seasons, such as the long rainy season from March to May, which discourages people from going to places like volcanoes to see gorillas, chimpanzees, and other forest activities because of the heavy and persistent rain.

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Mountain gorilla trekking also becomes extremely difficult during this time of the year because the tracking trails are so wet.

Visiting Volcanoes National Park from June to mid-September.

Traveling in June is the best time of year to travel to Rwanda, especially if you want to travel to the Virunga Mountain region for tourist activities like mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, and hiking to the Dian Fossey tomb.

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This is a dry month. The best time to go gorilla trekking is now because it will be the dry season in the rain forests where the gorillas and chimpanzees live, but you should always bring a raincoat and boots just in case. Hiking is much simpler during the dry season, which is advantageous for those who desire to hike in Rwanda.

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Visiting Volcanoes National Park from October to November

When traveling to Volcanoes National Park from October to November, there is a brief rainy season during these months, followed by the dry season, which lasts from December to February. Although it may be challenging, trekking primates during this brief season is possible.

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The majority of the trees and smaller plants are in bloom during this time, which attracts a lot of birds, making it the best time to go bird watching. Booking a birding safari is advisable, and it usually begins at the end of the rainy season. Because so many blooms are flourishing at this time of year, photographers can use it to their advantage. Here, the surroundings are lush and green, and the sky is incredibly blue.

Where should travelers stay during their stay in the Volcanoes National Park?

Depending on your budget, you can choose from a variety of lodging options. If you are a luxurious traveler, you can choose from the Sabyinyo Silverback, Gorilla Nest Lodge, and Virunga Lodge. The affordable hotels include the Kinigi Guest House, the Virunga Hotel, and Hotel Muhabura, among many others. Other mid-range resorts include Mountain Gorilla View Lodge and La Bamboo Lodge.

Volcanoes National Park will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. Numerous primates, other wildlife species, different types of plants, and much more will be visible. There are numerous wonderful villages located nearby that are really beneficial, especially the cultural tours and community visits.

Volcanoes National Park is mostly visited during the prolonged dry season, which falls during the northern hemisphere’s summer. Families typically arrange safari journeys to Africa with their older children over the summer months, when most schools in Europe and North America are off for the break. The winter months of December and January saw an increase in visitors to Rwanda as northerners tend to book vacations to the warmer southern countries. You will never fail to fall in awe of Volcanoes National Park’s breathtaking beauty and intriguing wildlife, no matter what time of year you choose to come.